Tesla Model Y Winter Package with 235/50R19

Due to the unprecedented tire shortage this year, Model Y owners have had to look for alternative sizing for their winter tires. The factory 255/45-19 sizing had been sold out by October and customers who were late to ordering Winters were left with nothing. This is one of the alternative sizes that we have tested on the Model Y. 

Tesla Model Y Long Range Dual Motor Factory Wheel and Tire Size

Here are the factory specs for the 19" wheels on 2020 and 2021 Model Y Long Range:

  • 19X9.5 +45
  • 255/45R19 (28.0")
  • 104V

Alternate Sizing

The sizing we went with was:

  • 19x8.5 +35 RAC TS1GM
  • 235/50R19 Pirelli Scorpion Winter ELT (28.3")
  • 103H


Compared to the stock wheels, these 8.5" wide wheels sit 3mm further in which makes a relatively insignificant difference. If desired, one can definitely opt for a small wheel spacer (3mm or 5mm) to push them back out. We also stock spacers up to 25mm for Tesla applications. 

The winter tires we chose have a 20mm narrower section width and are slightly larger in diameter as well. The difference in diameter is about 1% and will not affect clearance or the speedometer reading significantly. 

Regarding the load rating, you may have noticed the factory tires are 104 load rating while the winters are 103 load rating. A 104 load rating tire is rated for 1984lbs while the 103 tires are rated for 1929lbs. However, the factory Model Y 20" option tires have a 101W rating so the 103 load rating will be sufficient. 

The tires we chose are also Pirelli's Elect series tires which are specifically designed for EV's. These have lower rolling resistance, noise reduction, and great initial grip for high torque electric vehicles. These are also 3PMSF (three peak mountain snow flake) rated for severe winter service.

The winter tires have an H speed rating and thus a top speed of 210km/h, whereas the factory tires are typically V or W rated which is good for up to 240 and 270 km/h respectively. However, the 210km/h rating is more than enough for most drivers as they understand this is a Winter setup and it's unlikely that they will exceed double our local speed limits. 


Tesla Model Y 19x8.5 winter

Pirelli 235/50R19 Elect


Pirelli 235/50R19 tesla model Y