Tesla Model Y Winter Package + Conti VC7

Another solid winter tire we recommend for the cold season is Continental's VikingContact 7. This Model Y came in and wanted to run 19" sizing with Tesla styling for the winter season. As the customer wanted better curb protection, we recommended running a slightly narrower wheel and tires were upsized. Instead of running the usual 9 width, we fitted 255/50-19 tires on 19x8.5. 255/50-19 is roughly 3.6% larger than 255/45-19. Other benefits of this setup include better ride comfort and ground clearance. Through our experience, we know that this setup still has plenty of brake clearance and does not interfere with the suspension arms and knuckles. Our customer so far has not noted any noticeable loss in range. As of the date on this post, this sizing is 15% cheaper than the OEM 255/45-19 sizing.

TS2 + Conti VikingContact 7

  • RAC TS2 in Satin Grey finish
  • 19x8.5 square
  • VikingContact 7
  • 255/50-19 square