Tesla Model Y + RAC TS2B

This Model Y came in fresh off the lot looking for winter tires but didn't like how harsh the ride is with 20". While we offer 18" as a setup for the Model Y, 19" is a safer setup for brake clearance on Performance models due to the rear caliper cover. Fitted on this Model Y is a set of RAC TS2B wheels in the OEM Tesla spec 19x9.5 +45. These wheels are styled after Tesla's Track Package Zero-G wheels, and are mounted on 255/45-19 Michelin X-Ice Snow.

RAC TS2B + Michelin X-Ice Snow

  • TS2B in Satin Black finish
  • 19x9.5" +45 square
  • X-Ice Snow
  • 255/45-19 square