Tesla Model S on Replika R241 Winter Wheel and Tire Package

This Tesla Model S came with factory 21" wheels and tires which were incredibly expensive to replace. For a winter setup, we recommend against just buying tires for this car due to that cost and the fact that the lower profile tires may not hold up as well in rough winter conditions. With an extra set of wheels however, an extra set of TPMS are required, which is no problem with our Max Sensor series TPMS. 

This particular car was a September 2014 build date car which just happened to be the month of production where Tesla changed from Baolong to Continental TPMS sensors. Based on forum posts and research tools, this car should have came with the Continental system but instead came with the Baolongs. That being said, this is not an issue as our TPMS sensors are programmable and can be made to match either TPMS system. Those who are buying their own sensors should be careful due to the various production differences on Tesla vehicles. 

We went with the Replika R241 wheel in 19x8.5 +35 satin black which gave the vehicle a more aggressive look than the factory grey on grey setup. These wheels are fairly lightweight at just 23.4 lbs per corner. They will take the factory lug nuts, center caps, and are hubcentric. We mounted some Nexen Winguard Sport 2 tires in 245/45R19 along with the Max Select TPMS sensors. All in all, this package came up to approximately $2000+tax including installation. Which is still cheaper than a set of 4 brand name tires in the factory 245/35R21 sizing (typically $750-900 a tire). 

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Tesla model s winter package r241

Tesla model s nexen winter tires tpms

Tesla model s 21" wheels