Tesla Model 3 Winter Package + Michelin X-Ice Snow

Continuing on with Winter Packages for Tesla, this Model 3 came in for a set of OEM style wheels paired with Michelin X-Ice Snow. The benefit of our winter package is that it includes TPMS and all necessary accessories for a super affordable price. We used 245/45-18 tires instead of the OEM 235/45-18 as the customer wanted a bit more curb protection and ground clearance. With the overall diameter increase of ~1.5% by running 245/45-18, the tire isn't as stretched so it beads easier than the 235 option. The Model 3 has plenty of room in the wheel wells, so upsizing the tire works, even if the car is lowered. 

Check out our winter package page and contact us today to prep your Tesla and other vehicles for the winter!

 R241 + Michelin X-Ice Snow

  • R241 in Space Grey finish
  • 18x8.5 +40 square
  • Michelin X-Ice Snow
  • 245/45-18 square