Tesla Model 3 Thinkware Dash Cam and AlloyGator Install

The Thinkware F800 Pro is one of our best selling dash cams thanks to its combination of price point, video quality, and build quality. It's no wonder this Model 3 customer picked this model along with the Blackvue B-124 battery pack for their new car. We hardwired the battery to the 12V outlet in the center console and ran the rear camera wire along the bottom of the windshield. This battery, when fully charged, is good for about 24 hours of parking mode recording which is perfect for catching hit and runs as well as vandalism incidents.

The Tesla Model 3 has a unique wheel design where the face and lip of the wheel sticks out a little past the tire sidewall. This makes it prone to curbing, exposing the unfinished metal underneath. This is why our customer wanted a black alloygator as these wheel protectors stay black even when curbed.

Install Pictures

Tesla model 3 alloygator

Tesla alloygator install model 3

Tesla model 3 thinkware f800 pro

Tesla model 3 blackvue b124 battery cellink

Thinkware f800 pro rear tesla model 3 dash cam