Tesla Model 3 Fast FC04 Winter Wheel and Tire Package

We fitted this Model 3 Performance with a set of Fast FC04 in gloss black with a set of 235/40-19 Pirelli Winter Ice Zero FR. These lightweight flow formed wheels are a 19x8.5 +35 sizing, although 19x9.5 options are available, the 8.5 is an ideal size for the 235 section width tire. These wheels are noticeably lighter than the 20" wheels that this Model 3 came with from the factory. While 18" wheels can fit these cars, a 19" does offer a nicer aesthetic. The car can take wider tires as well, but many prefer narrower tires for winter and there's also less of an impact on range. 

We installed the wheels using a black acorn lug nut, as the factory Tesla lug nuts are unfinished and open ended and don't look quite as nice on a clean black wheel like this. They're also too big for the lug holes on most tuner wheels. We also installed a set of factory Tesla BLE TPMS sensors as this 2021 Model 3 requires the special bluetooth tire pressure sensors. 

Contact us today if you're looking to fit your Tesla with a set of winter wheels and/or tires! We have a best price guarantee and we keep stock of various wheels, tires, and sensors that fit Teslas! 

Tesla model 3 performance fast fc04
Tesla Model 3 performance 19x8.5 fc04
Model 3 performance winter package