Tesla Model 3 Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs

We installed a set of Eibach lowering springs for this Tesla Model 3. This specific model is a long range RWD which is a very rare spec but Eibach does make different springs for different trims due to the various weight requirements. Below is a chart of the different Eibach springs and the compatible models:

Eibach E10-87-001-01-22 1" (F), 1.1" (R) Model 3 SR/LR RWD
Eibach E10-87-001-02-22 0.9" (F), 1.0" (R) Model 3 Long Range AWD
Eibach E10-87-001-05-22 1.0" (F), 1.4" (R) Model 3 Performance


In our experience, these Eibach pro-kit springs play nicely with the factory struts and in some cases can even improve ride quality thanks to the progressive rates. The lower center of gravity also helps with handling and aerodynamics. Expect installation to be about 4-5 hours depending on whether it's a RWD or AWD Model 3, wheel alignment is also recommended after spring install. 

Model 3 TSportline eibach pro kit

Model 3 eibach pro kit

Model 3 eibach lowering spring install

model 3 sr+

Model 3 eibach rear springs

Model 3 eibach spring