Subaru WRX with Escort Radar and Thinkware 2CH Dash Cam Hardwired

We hardwired the Escort radar detector and Thinkware dash cam in for this customer's Subaru WRX hatchback. This frees up the 12V socket in the center console and reduces clutter in the cabin overall. We used the Escort DirectWire SmartCord to hardwire in the radar detector, this accessory has a built-in mute button and power indicator, similar to the standard 12V/cigarette outlet cord that came with the unit. Instead of the bulky coiled wire, the hardwire kit utilizes a flat cord which can be tucked into the panels of the car. 

Subaru WRX Thinkware dash cam radar

We like using this type of cord setup as it's a lot more inconspicuous than the large coiled cord hanging on the dashboard. It's also a lot less distracting as that cord tends to dangle and move around when cornering. Having a better hidden setup should theoretically reduce the likelihood of theft, although we still recommend using the quick release feature on these radar detectors to hide them when parked. We mounted the mute button and alert light module on the driver's side at the base of the A-pillar where it's accessible to the driver and in his line of sight.

Escort radar hardwire subaru wrx

For the dash cam, our customer wanted it positioned so that the lens would be centered. This is easy to do with the Thinkware F800 as there's a notch that can be lined up with the base of the mirror. For the dash cam, we used the Thinkware hardwiring kit which connects to both constant and accessory power to keep the camera running even while the vehicle is parked.

Subaru wrx escort hardwire thinkware f800

For the rear camera, we ran the wire through the grommets between the chassis and hatch. We mount the camera at the very top of the rear windshield to get the widest view possible. If the camera is mounted lower down, it's possible that license plates are too low to be captured.

Subaru WRX rear camera

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