Subaru STI Blackvue 2-Channel Dash Cam and 9 Window Tint

We did a tint and dash cam package for this new Subaru STI. For the tint the owner opted for a 35% rear tint and 55% front tint. The 35% rear tint is similar to most factory SUV rear windows and offers a good amount of privacy. The 55% front tint is particularly useful on hot summer days where the sun is beating down on the driver's face. The UV protection helps keep the cabin cool, is better for skin, and protects the interior materials from UV damage as well!

*It's important to note that the front window tint is not legal and issues may arise with police if pulled over, we accept no responsibility for these issues

This STI also features our Blackvue DR750S-2CH dash cam with Power Magic Pro hardwire kit. In Blackvue's extensive lineup, the DR750S sits just below the 4K capable DR900S-2CH which has all the same features but adds a higher resolution front camera. While it's undeniable the DR900S offers a better front camera, it's difficult for many to justify paying around $150 more for just that one benefit. The DR750S-2CH is already on par with Thinkware's flagship dash cam, the F800 Pro in terms of video quality.  

Blackvue DR750S-2CH vs. Thinkware F800 Pro

When we compare the Thinkware flagship and the DR750S-2CH, it's hard to differentiate the two in terms of features and price point. Here are the advantages to each that we found in our personal user experience.

Blackvue DR750S-2CH Advantages:

  • 60 FPS frame rate for smoother videos
  • Faster recording time switching between parking and driving mode
  • Noticeably faster WiFi download speeds and range

Thinkware F800 Pro Advantages:

  • Better memory partitioning to keep incidents safe
  • Much lower power consumption in parking mode
  • Better hardwire kit/cutoff settings

Install Pictures

Subaru sti overdrive

Subaru STI blackvue dash cam 2 channel power magic pro

Blackvue rear camera subaru sti

Subaru sti tint blackvue

subaru sti window tinting