Subaru Impreza WRX STI with Blackvue DR590W-1CH

The Blackvue DR590W-1CH is perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Blackvue's extensive dash cam range. It's the cheapest model they offer with WiFi but what sets it apart from the competition and even its 2-channel sibling, the DR590W-2CH, is the 60FPS recording. When paired with the Sony STARVIS sensor, the video quality on this 1-channel system rivals more expensive models like the Thinkware F800 Pro and Blackvue DR750S-2CH. What helps keep the price of this model down is the lack of internal GPS and lack of Cloud feature, which frankly not a lot of customers see the value in. We estimate that less than 1% of our customers utilize the cloud feature.

For our customer, this GD generation STI is a weekend (and occasional track) car. For track duty, the 60FPS frame rate is appreciated as it offers smoother footage which is perfect for higher speed use. The camera was installed using the Power Magic Pro hardwire kit which provides some parking mode recording. The battery in this STI is not the greatest so it might only record for a couple hours, but this car is rarely left out on the street to begin with. 

Compared to cheaper options like the Thinkware FA200, the DR590W-1CH offers noticeably better video quality and faster WiFi performance. That is not to say we don't recommend the Thinkware model. For those that prioritize parking mode, Thinkware's memory partitioning and lower power consumption are appreciated. You also get the option to add a rear camera to the FA200 whereas Blackvue does not offer the rear camera port on their 1CH dash cams. 

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Subaru STI DR590W-1CH