Subaru EyeSight Dash Cam Installation

The Subaru EyeSight system offers some advanced driver safety features like adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, and lane departure warnings. These sensors do stick out along the top of the windshield and can make dash cam installation trickier. Luckily, we've installed dash cams on dozens of Imprezas, Foresters, and Outbacks to know where we can place a dash cam without affecting the functions of the EyeSight system.

Subaru Eyesight dash cam

Generally speaking, the area directly below and behind the rearview mirror is a safe spot to install a dash cam on these newer Subaru vehicles. In the pictures below, you'll see a BlackVue 2 channel dash cam system installed on a new WRX Sport Tech model. Note the use of Tesa tape for a more OEM integrated look. The compact dash cam is not only out of the EyeSight system's way but also completely hidden from the driver's line of sight to prevent distraction. 

subaru eyesight blackvue install

From the driver's side of the vehicle, the camera can't be seen at all! We recommend leaving the audio alerts of the dash cam on so you know that it is functioning as it should. With the BlackVue dash cams, the Power Magic Pro can be attached just below the fuse panel door for easy access. Other parking mode dash cams like Thinkware or LG will not have this sort of external module and power management will be configured via the memory card or WiFi app. 

Subaru wrx sport tech power magic pro placement