Subaru Crosstrek Motegi Racing MR139 with Falken Wildpeak AT Trail

Our customer brought us this 2020 Subaru Crosstrek for a wheel and tire package. The car is a leased vehicle so he wanted to avoid putting any wear and tear on the stock wheels and tires. He also wanted to go with a true All Weather tire, rather than the standard M+S All Seasons that the Crosstrek came with. The Falken Ziex that Subaru uses from the factory are more comfort and efficiency minded, and don't offer the off road or winter performance our customer was looking for. 

These Wildpeak AT Trails are designed with crossovers in mind and give the car a much more aggressive look. We went with a 215/70R16 which is only 1% bigger than the stock size. This is an easy fitment with no rubbing issues and no lift required. Had our customer chose to lift the Crosstrek, we would've certainly recommended a larger diameter tire. 

The wheel size is a 16x7 +40 which pushes the wheels out about 15mm compared to stock. This puts the top of the tire just about in-line with the stock fender flares. With a 235 tire, the tires would poke out a little more for sure.

The lug holes on the Motegis are tight and the stock lug nuts will not clear although they are still a cone seat. We went with a contrasting gold spline drive nut for a bit of style. These spline nuts will also work with the factory wheels.

Subaru Crosstrek MR139 Falken

Subaru Crosstrek Motegi Racing MR139

Subaru crosstrek 215/70R16 falken

Falken wildpeak at trail subaru crosstrek