Subaru BRZ ACT Clutch + Verus Forged Clutch Fork

Our customer came in to replace their worn clutch on their ZC6 BRZ, and said that they wanted an upgrade that would work well with street use and track use. An easy recommendation was with ACT's HD/Perf clutch kit, and an extra piece: Verus Engineering's forged clutch fork and pivot upgrade. Per research from Verus, the OEM steel clutch fork from Subaru for a lot of their vehicles have been reported to crack/bend/brake from both normal or heavy use. The yield strength (how much force can be applied) is not particularly high on the OEM forks, and will either deform in shape or outright break. Since the clutch was coming out to be replaced, it was the perfect time to put in Verus's forged clutch fork and pivot. Lastly, the rear main seal is also replaced. If you are interested in upgrading your clutch and clutch fork (and a potentially expensive tow and clutch job), check out this link here