Security System Upgrade for JDM Nissan Silvia S15

Here in Vancouver we see a ton of right hand drive Japanese domestic market (JDM) import vehicles driving around thanks to our import restrictions and our location. One of the most sought after JDM vehicles is the S15 Silvia as this body style was never available in North America unlike the earlier S13 and S15. Unfortunately, Japanese market cars typically don't have great security systems and are relatively easy for thieves to steal. 

Silvia S15 Richmond Compustar

For this Silvia, our customer opted for the Compustar MAX-IT which is capable of remote start, keyless entry, and two-way vehicle security. We paired it with the well-priced Compustar Prime T9 remote which offers 2-way alerts and up to 3000 foot range with its FM antenna. This sort of 2-way remote acts as a pager and can alert you if your vehicle is broken into. It also controls the remote start function and lets you know whether your doors are locked. With the MAX-IT hooked up, if the alarm goes off, the vehicle cannot be started making it much harder to steal than before.

Compustar T9 Silvia S15 Nissan

In addition to the immobilizer and 2-way alerts, the Compustar kit also comes with a louder siren to scare off potential criminals. We wired the alarm brain up to trigger not only with the DAS (impact/tilt sensor) but also with the doors, trunk, and hood to cover all entryways in the event of a break-in. An optional extra for these security systems is the Drone Mobile module which uses cellular data to transmit messages to your smartphone rather than just to your 2-way remote. The Drone Mobile system also offers GPS tracking; subscription fees apply. 

Blackvue dr750s-2ch silvia s15

In addition to the Compustar security system, we also installed the Blackvue DR750S-2CH dash cam. This dash cam is hardwired using the Power Magic Pro which adds parking mode recording and voltage detection/cutoff. This is important as the low nose of the S15 makes it more vulnerable to getting backed into. The dash cam can also record potential break-ins and can help in the event of an on-road incident. Another popular use for the Blackvue dash cams is using it to record motorsport activity. Blackvue is a sponsor of the world famous Formula D drift series and actually installs this very same dash cam system in many of the drift cars participating in Formula D!

Blackvue dr750s-2ch silvia s15 formula d

This dash cam is a front and rear system offering additional context with the video footage. Similar to the alarm system, the Blackvue DR750S-2CH can also be paired with a data connection to send alerts to your smartphone using Blackvue Over the Cloud. This is especially useful in the event of a hit and run or other parking incident. The upgrades done to the security system of this Silvia offer the driver peace of mind when leaving it parked on the street. We recommend at least some form of security system for all JDM cars that don't have factory immobilizers.

More Installation Pictures

silvia s15 alarm hood pin

The louder siren that is included with the Compustar MAX IT system

Silvia S15 hood pin

Hood pins tell the alarm's brain whether the hood has been opened and can trigger the alarm