Scion FRS Thinkware FA200 1CH w/ Thinkware iVolt Battery

After a nasty hit and run around Christmas time that happened while our customer's car was parked, he wanted to invest in a dash cam setup. Unfortunately, the FT86 triplets (Scion FRS, Subaru BRZ, Toyota 86) have a fairly weak battery and can't supply much power for parking mode recording. We went with the Thinkware FA200 1-channel which is one of our most energy efficient dash cam systems. When paired with the Thinkware iVolt battery pack on a full charge, this camera can record upwards of 24 hours. The battery pack takes approximately 45 minutes to fully charge and is placed under the driver's seat.

Scion FRS dash cam overdrive

Scion FRS Fa200 front dash cam

Scion FRS Thinkware iVolt battery pack hardwire