Saturn Vue Audio Repair (Amp Bypass and Pioneer Install)

Our customer came to us with this Saturn Vue Redline as his factory radio was not making any sound. We diagnosed the problem and noted no power issues going to the factory head unit. After locating the factory amplifier under the second row seat, we verified that it was receiving an audio signal from the factory radio but not outputting any sound to the factory speakers. That being said, there was power going to this amplifier so it wasn't a blown fuse issue. The local GM dealership quoted us around $650+tax for a replacement amp but we didn't want to go down that route as the issue could reoccur and he wouldn't be gaining any new functions.

Instead we installed a Pioneer DEH-S5200BT which added bluetooth, USB, and a much more advanced sound processing system. He loses the CD changer of course but with a USB full of FLAC files he gets even more convenience and higher fidelity music enjoyment. Additionally, handsfree calling via the included microphone on this head unit makes for a safer (ticket-free) drive. As this new deck is a single din, it's shorter than the factory unit and a storage pocket is provided with the dash mounting kit.

By have a special multi-core wire that we use for bypassing the factory amplifier. By connecting the speaker-level outputs on the Pioneer head unit directly to the speakers. As OnStar retention was not needed, we did not use an OnStar retention module which saved our customer quite a bit. We did however add the Axxess ASWC-1 which retained factory steering wheel audio controls.