RTX Multi Wheels for Toyota Matrix

With the Winter season finally behind us, more and more drivers are looking for summer wheels and tires. Many drivers opt to put winter tires on their factory wheels but come Summer time those tires are no longer right for the job. Not only does it put additional wear on the Winter tires, the softer sidewall on them will typically have a negative effect on handling. A dedicated set of summer tires is a great option for improved handling and performance for when the weather gets warmer. Changing tires however, requires bringing them to a shop with a tire machine to mount and dismount them onto the wheel rim itself which can be tedious and expensive. Instead of paying a shop to remount and rebalance tires twice every year, it's common practice to buy an extra set of wheels so you can easily change them at home!

steel wheels

Steel wheels are a popular choice for mounting winter tires to, but their heavy weight results in poor handling, a harsher ride, and worse fuel economy. Not to mention the negative effect they have on the actual look of the car, especially when they rust. With our new RTX line of wheels, you can get an extra set of painted aluminum alloy for just slightly more than a set of steel wheels. 

RTX Multi Toyota Matrix

This customer opted for the RTX Multi wheel on his Toyota Matrix. A simple 5-spoke design suitable for use on just about any vehicle. These wheels use a conical lug nut seat, meaning the stock mag seat nuts from Toyota needed to be replaced with an aftermarket set. We opted for a set of CECO spline drive tuner nuts which are a lightweight and affordable option to secure aftermarket wheels. As this aftermarket wheel is designed to fit a number of different vehicles and has a larger center bore than the original toyota hub, we also ordered new hubcentric rings to minimize vibration and enhance the driving experience. We also paired the wheels with a set of Dunlop summer tires for a confidence inspiring steering response and increased handling limits.

Toyota Matrix RTX Multi

RTX is a Canadian company that tests all their wheels to meet a number of industry tests, such as JWL, ISO90000, SFI, and TUV standards. In addition to these universal aftermarket wheels, RTX also manufactures a special line of OE wheels which are intended to reuse the factory lug nuts/bolts and have a hubcentric center bore for a perfect fit. These OE wheels often match the factory styling and will offer additional savings as lug nuts and hub rings are not required. For this 5x100 Matrix, the RTX OE Aura wheel is one of those options.