RTX Berlin Wheels for E90 BMW

When it came time to replace the tires on our customer's BMW E90 328i, he specifically mentioned that he was not impressed with the performance of the factory run flat tires. Not only did they not handle particularly well in the wet, they also contributed to a very harsh ride. Run flat tires are designed to let you limp to the nearest repair shop in the event of a puncture and eliminate the need for a spare tire. However, the construction of these tires is expensive and comes with a lot of performance drawbacks.
E90 BMW 328i 2011
It is important to note that if you do replace your factory equipped run-flat tires with non run-flat tires, you may be stuck in the event of a puncture or blowout. Having roadside assistance or keeping a spare tire with some tools in your trunk may be advisable in that case. In terms of pricing, we found that the run-flat all season tires for this vehicle ran for about 35-50% more money in the same size as stock. 

RTX Berlin Wheels

RTX is a Canadian company based out of Montreal and specializes in wheels and wheel accessories. Our customer wanted a sportier looking 18" wheel for a nice exterior upgrade yet retain a close-to-factory appearance. These RTX Berlin wheels are styled after the E63 generation BMW M6 19" wheels and have a painted black barrel with machined silver face.

RTX Berlin E90 328i BMW

Because these wheels are designed specifically for BMW applications, it can reuse the factory lug bolts and is hubcentric to minimize vibration. These wheels also accept the factory center cap which further adds to the "OEM+" styling. 

Continental DWS06

For the tires, our customer wanted to stick with all-seasons that he could leave on year round due to limited storage space. We picked our favourite all-season tire, the Continental DWS06 for this application. This is a sporty tire that's perfect for Vancouver driving conditions. The wet grip is exceptional and the treadwear is great. It's also designed for mild winter applications which is reasonable for the type of weather we get here in the Lower Mainland.

Continental Tire DWS BMW

Those that require dedicated winter tires should look for a different tire as these are only M+S rated. They do not have the snowflake symbol for severe winter service and are not appropriate for driving in areas with heavy snowfall and ice.

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