Replika R224 Winter Wheels on Lexus NX200T Winter Package

We installed these Replika R224 winter wheels in 18" for this Lexus NX200T. After 3 years of sketchy winter driving, our customer decided that they needed a dedicated winter setup. We needed to find something reasonably priced and convenient for our customer which meant reusing the factory lug nuts and being able to program a set of TPMS sensors to work with the vehicle to avoid any error lights. While the market is flooded with 18" 5x114.3 wheels, finding one that was hubcentric, had a flat Toyota/Lexus mag seat, and matched the factory aesthetic was a bit of a challenge. 

These R224 wheels are modeled after the F-Sport lineup and have an excellent winter-approved paint finish. The gloss gunmetal colour is sporty yet durable and easy to maintain. They run a 60.1mm hub bore, so a hub ring is not required. And as you can see, they will take the factory Lexus center caps as well!

Contact us today if you have any questions about winter wheels, tires, and TPMS!

Lexus NX R224 replika wheels