Replika R196 on Range Rover Sport Winter Package

We fitted this Range Rover Sport with a set of Replika R196 wheels, Pirelli Winter Scorpion tires, and a set of matching tire pressure sensors. These Replika wheels are styled after the full sized Range Rover and are designed with convenience in mind so they can accept the factory center cap and flat seat lug nuts. As you can see, the wheels look very similar to the factory set and don't stick out like a sore thumb. Replika does have more sporty and aggressive options but this customer wanted a simple and stock aesthetic. 

The tires are a 265/55R19 and are a tad wider than the original 255's. With any Range Rover, it's best to have the original wheels and TPMS available to verify the frequency and code of the sensors. We were able to duplicate the TPMS codes over to our new wheels which further adds to our customer's convenience. This way, the car does not detect anything different and thinks that it's running the same set of wheels/tires. Tire pressure sensors typically cost between $250-300 for a set of 4. Many larger luxury SUVs will also have a tire pressure sensor for the full size spare tire. 

Admittedly, many owners of Range Rovers and Range Rover Sports do not invest in a good set of winter tires. Due to marketing associated with these vehicles, drivers tend to feel overly confident with their capabilities in rough terrain. However, the simple fact is that all the software and mechanical strengths alone are not enough to help a 5000+ pound SUV to stop in icy or snowy conditions and a good set of winter tires will outperform any factory M+S all season. The full set of winter wheels and tires came in at around $2000 and is a small price to pay for these SUVs that can easily cost over 6 figures.

Contact us today if you're looking for a winter wheel and tire package for your SUV or truck. We have TPMS options available to suit your needs as well!

Replika R196 Range Rover winter package

Replika R196 range rover winter package Replika R196 winter wheel replica

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