Replika R170 on 2020 Mercedes Benz CLA35 AMG Winter Wheel and Tire Package

Due to the large front calipers on the AMG models of the Mercedes CLA (CLA35 and CLA45) many wheels will not clear the brakes. Also, because the body is based on a compact car, lower offset wheels and spacers are not ideal as it will make the wheels stick past the fenders of the car. Some fitment guides on the market only list the CLA250 which has pretty standard issue Mercedes brakes, but the same applications cannot be used for the 35 or 45 models. This would apply to the standard A class as well. 

For this vehicle, we went with the Replika R170 in 18x8.5 +43, however the front calipers were just a few millimeters shy of clearing perfectly. We added a hubcentric 5mm spacer on the front wheels to help with clearance. For the tire, we went with the new Michelin X-Ice Snow in a 225/45R18. Despite the narrow tire, you can see that the wheels still sit very flush with the fenders and any wider of a spacer would likely poke up front. 

It is perhaps worth remembering that the stock 19" wheels are an 8.5 +55.2, making this setup about 17mm wider than stock. The narrower 225 tire helps with clearance but something like a 245 width 18x8.5 +35 wheel might be a tight fit. We wanted to keep the setup clean and not too aftermarket looking or out of place for our customer. This wheel was able to accept the factory black center cap from our customer's 19" AMG wheels. 

The fitment should be similar for Mercedes Benz chassis codes W177, C118, W247, H247, and X247. 

If you have any questions about fitment, wheel and tire packages, or dash cams, contact us today! We guarantee our fitment and can try our best to pick out something that will look great, fit great, and fit your budget!

Replika R170 CLA35 winter wheel package

Fast Replika R170 AMG Wheels Winter Package

5mm spacer Mercedes Replika R170 winter

Blackvue DR900S-2CH Cla35