Range Rover Sport Thinkware Q800 Pro 2-Channel Install

Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles have become increasingly popular so we wanted to share some pictures of a dash cam install.  The rear cameras on these SUV's is especially difficult as the trim of the hatch is bonded to the glass window. This means there are no removable panels and there isn't even a gap to hide the wire for the rear camera. We typically charge an additional hour for 2-channel dash cam installs on Land Rovers and Range Rovers for this reason.

There are both accessory and constant fuses in the fuse box behind the glove box so getting power typically is not an issue. With Blackvue dash cams, the rear camera wire is a bit thinner (coaxial type) so it may be possible to hide the wire instead of using adhesive clips as seen below. There is a small plastic tab for the rear defroster that can be removed which is where we route the wire to.

We have seen some installers drill a hole through the hatch panel and make a grommet to run the wire through but we prefer less permanent methods. At the end of the day, many of these SUV's run for over $100,000 and we want to avoid drilling holes as much as possible. Jaguars also have this problem on vehicles like the F-Pace or F-Type Coupe which also has a hatchback.

Install Pictures

Range Rover Sport Overdrive dash cam

Range Rover Sport Thinkware

Range Rover Sport rear dash cam 2 channel