Range Rover Sport Blackvue DR900S-2CH Install

Newer Range Rovers and Jaguars have proven to be some of the hardest cars to install rear dash cams in as the trim around the rear window is virtually seamless. Here is how a 2-channel Blackvue dash cam looks like in the Range Rover Sport. We hardwired the power magic pro to the fuse box in the trunk on the passenger's side. With Blackvue's thin coaxial cable, we are able to slip it in the small gap between the window and the rear trim, however with Thinkware USB rear camera cables, this would not be possible. As the rear wiper does not clear the top center of the rear window, we mounted the rear camera about 2 inches lower to ensure better video quality.

Range rover sport blackvue

Range Rover Sport blackvue 2ch

Range rover sport rear dash cam blackvue

Range rover sport dash cam install