Range Rover Sport Blackvue Dash Cam and Battery Install

The Blackvue B-124 battery is something we recommend for any high end vehicle. Not only does it mean you won't have to worry about the dash cam draining your car's battery, you also get much longer parking recording time! But perhaps most importantly, for vehicles with sensitive electronics systems like BMW, Range Rover, and Porsche, the battery might save you an expensive repair bill at your dealer. We've seen a number of instances where a customer brings their car to the dealer over an electrical issue, and the service department tries to pin the issue on the hardwired dash cam. While it's rarely the case that the dash cam actually caused a fault on the vehicle, the dealership may try their luck with a customer and charge an expensive diagnostic and repair fee rather than warrantying a manufacturer defect. 

With the Blackvue battery, you can opt to charge it via a 12V outlet in the vehicle in which case you eliminate the risk of any warranty issues with your service department yet still retain parking mode functionality. Parking mode is an important function, particularly with higher end vehicles, as it can mean the difference between paying for repairs out of your own pocket or catching a hit and run suspect. That's why this Range Rover Sport owner opted for the Blackvue B-124 battery and 2-channel DR750S-2CH dash cam.

Not only does this camera look great in the Range Rover's luxury cabin, the camera now can run for over 20 hours in parking mode on a full charge. The DR750S-2CH addresses many of the issues with its predecessor, the DR650S-2CH. These include upgrading to a 1080P rear camera, offering a 60FPS front camera frame rate, improved WiFi stability, and improved high heat handling.

Install Pictures

Range rover sport blackvue dash cam install

Blackvue dr750s-2ch dash cam range rover

blackvue b124 dr750s-2ch range rover

Blackvue b-124 battery range rover sport trunk