Range Rover (L405) Full Size Winter Setup

It is not recommended for SUV's (or any passenger vehicle) to be driving on all-seasons during snow season, as the requirements to meet the M+S symbol are barely rated for actual snow use. This is especially true when you have a  SUV such as this Range Rover full-size variant. Downsizing to 20" from the 21" wheel, we were able to source a set of Michelin X-Ice Snow in 255/55-20 for our customer. We mounted the X-Ice Snow's on a set of gloss black Replika R230. This setup--including TPMS and installation--costed about $3,000, while the dealership quoted our customer $10,000 for a winter tire and wheel setup.

Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV on R230

  • Replika R230 in Gloss Black
  • 20x9 +48 square
  • 5x114.3 bolt pattern
  • Michelin X-Ice Snow SUV winter tires
  • 255/55-20 square
  • TPMS installed