Range Rover Evoque Thinkware FA200 2-Channel Install

We hardwired the Thinkware FA200 front and rear dash cam with parking mode on this range Rover Evoque. The Evoque has changed a bit over the years but generally speaking the rear hatch design does require a bit of additional labour to run a rear dash cam. What makes this car complicated to work on is that on most cars, there is a removable trim panel by the rear glass to run and hide the dash cam wire. On the Evoque and many Jaguar Land Rover models, the hatch has a sealed design so these panels are not removable. In this case we have the dash cam wire running out of the opening on the side and because the FA200 rear camera wire is thin enough, the wire can still slip between the gap of the trim and the glass. With other models like the VIOFO A129 however, the thicker USB cables will be more visible.

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Range rover evoque thinkware fa200

Thinkware fa200 2-channel dash cam range rover evoque

Range rover evoque thinkware fa200 rear dash cam