Protection Package for Brand New Subaru Crosstrek (Alloygator + Dash Cam)

Our customer recently picked up this 2018 Subaru Crosstrek and came to us for some accessories to personalize and protect their new car. This fully loaded Limited trim comes equipped with Subaru's EyeSight safety system and larger 18" alloy wheels. As great as EyeSight is for keeping a driver out of trouble on the road, a dash cam offers additional protection in the event of an accident. Our customer's Thinkware F770 adds 1080P front and rear recording not only while the car is running, but even when the car is parked. This offers additional protection by catching hit and runs, vandalism, and other events that may occur during parking mode. 

subaru crosstrek thinkware f770 eyesight

One concern that comes up with a lot of new Subaru owners is regarding the Eyesight sensors and the placement of the dash cam. We've installed more dash cams than anyone else in the Lower Mainland and have done dozens of Eyesight equipped Subarus with no issues. With the camera right behind the mirror, the dash cam does not impede the sensors at all and no error messages appear.

Subaru eyesight thinkware dash cam

Alloygator Wheel Protectors

To keep the beautiful silver and black aluminum alloy wheels curb rash free, we also installed a set of black AlloyGators. This colour choice is subtle and maintains the clean lines of the vehicle and matches the black accents on the factory wheel nicely. 

alloygator subaru black

Upon closer inspection, you can see that the AlloyGator has a protruding lip that sticks past the wheel rim and the tire. This ensures that the expensive alloy wheel does not get damaged and the plastic lip gets scratched instead. For lighter scratches, AlloyGator includes a special scraper keychain that can be used to refinish the plastic rim as well.

Alloygator black rim protector


It's cool seeing two Subaru hatchbacks in the shop at the same time! We installed 2 channel Thinkware dash cams in both of these cars. When doing a dash cam install, we get a good idea of how different cars are assembled so it's interesting to appreciate the differences between two Imprezas, 15 years apart. 

Subaru dash cam install richmond bc