Project F-150 Part 1 - Introduction and the Basics!

We recently picked up this 2016 F-150 Crew Cab as a shop truck and project vehicle! It's an XLT trim with max trailer package making it a perfect tow vehicle for track days. It has the XTR package which includes chrome accents and bright finished 18" wheels. Thanks to the max trailer package, it has a factory electronically locking rear differential. The colour is a dark blue Ford likes to refer to as "Blue Jeans"

We started the project with some basic upgrades including:

We prefer the tape on style window visors as they don't interfere with the power window motors and auto up features. The dash cam is a basic setup but is one of the most reliable on the market, video-quality wise it's not as good as the F800 Pro but it's got excellent parking mode features while being very energy efficient. We've only upgraded the rear lights for now as we have more planned for the front end :) 

We have a lot more in store for this F-150 including audio, lighting, exterior, and suspension upgrades! This will be a multi-purpose build with off-road, towing, and daily driving capabilities. We plan to enhance all aspects of this truck and upgrading to make it just that much more enjoyable to live with. 

Build Pictures

Ford F-150 overdrive

F-150 bug deflector windshield visor

Ford F-150 window visor

F-150 philips led reverse light and trunk