Porsche Taycan (Sedan + Cross Turismo) Thinkware U1000 Q800 + iVolt Battery

Attack of the Taycan's! Here we will showcase installation of Thinkware dash cameras on both the Porsche Taycan Sport Sedan and the Cross Turismo.

Vehicle Thinkware Model Resolution (F/R)
Taycan Sport Sedan U1000 2CH + iVolt External Battery 4K/2K
Taycan Cross Turismo Q800 Pro 2CH 2K/1080P


We always recommend an external battery pack for EV's as most of them do not dip under 12 volts, which is usually where the cut-off is for most modern dash cameras.

The Sport Sedan opted for the U1000 2-channel dash camera, offering a crisp 4K/2K (front/rear) resolution, plus Thinkware's iVolt External Battery. The battery was placed above the passenger footwell, a bit further behind the glove box.

In contrast, the Cross Turismo went with the Q800 Pro 2CH, which is a 2K/1080p (front/rear) resolution. That being said, 2K resolution in the front is still a solid solution for the every day driver.

If you scroll below to take a look at the pictures, you can see that the front camera placement for both vehicles are in the same position, on the passenger side between the rear view mirror and the windshield. The result is a sleek installation, where the driver will not have their field of view hindered and is not easy to spot for strangers. The main difference is in the Sedan variant, where it will have its rear camera off-centered as the third brake light prevents placement in the middle, otherwise it will hinder vision in the rear view mirror.

Since the Cross Turismo has a hatchback door, it does carry a more complex installation process, resulting in an additional charge compared to the Sedan.

 Taycan Sport Sedan

Taycan Cross Turismo