Porsche Panamera Thinkware F800 Pro 2-Channel Install

Here is our install of a Thinkware F800 Pro front and rear dash cam in a 1st generation Porsche Panamera. These cars are particularly tricky to install in due to the hatchback design as there is very limited access through the headliner. Our customer wanted the rear camera centered which does leave some of the rear camera wire exposed. We did not want to pinch the wire or run it in front of the third brake light. The tight panel gaps and complicated hatch design typically call for longer install times. This is not an install we'd recommend for someone to DIY with limited experience working on European vehicles.

Install Pictures

Porsche panamera thinkware dash cam install

Porsche panamera Thinkware f800 pro 2-channel

Porsche Panamera hatchback design dash cam 2 channel