Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Thinkware Q800 Pro with Cellink Neo

With the latest generation Porsche Panamera, there is a new hatchback/wagon design in the form of the Sport Turismo. The hatch design is similar to a Cayenne or Macan and installation is a little different from the standard Panamera and the Taycan. Due to the tight access on these vehicles, additional time may be required depending on the camera system being installed.

As with most late model European vehicles, a battery pack is always recommended. This is to prevent any battery discharge related issues, warranty issues, and auto start/stop issues. For this vehicle, we installed the battery under the passenger seat, the seat bottom is not too thick and there are no issues with the power sliding mechanism with this battery.

porsche panamera sport turismo

Panamera thinkware rear dash cam

Thinkware cellink neo battery porsche panamera seat