Porsche Macan iRoad X10 Dash Cam and Cellink Neo Battery Pack

We installed this iRoad X10 dash cam and Cellink Neo battery pack on this brand new 2020 Porsche Macan. Our customer had enjoyed the iRoad dash cam in their vehicle from Hong Kong and wanted to stick with the brand for their new car. Both ourselves and the Porsche dealership recommended going with a battery pack to avoid electrical issues. With the battery pack, it charges up while the customer drives and becomes the only power source for the dash cam during parking mode. How long it can record for will depend on the camera model and how long the customer drives for, but regardless it will prevent battery drain on the very expensive factory battery. With any newer German vehicle, low voltage issues can arise and can cause headaches for owners.

We were able to hide the battery pack in the rear wheel well where the customer will never see it. This does typically require extending the hardwire cable for the dash cam and potentially additional labour/material costs. The cameras are compact and look very sleek in this luxury SUV.

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Porsche Macan iRoad Cellink dash cam

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Porsche Macan Cellink Neo Battery Pack