Porsche Cayman S Thinkware F770 2CH Installation

Here are some pictures of a Thinkware F770 we installed in a Porsche Cayman! This 2 channel system offers excellent reliability, video quality, and low power consumption. Parking mode recording is a must have for sports cars like these Porsches as the low nose is prone to getting backed into by larger trucks and SUVs. We mounted the front camera just to the right side for a fairly centered image and distraction free driving. 

From the driver's seat, the front camera is invisible and blocked by the rear-view mirror. As far as installation, the fuse box is easily accessible in newer 911 and Cayman models. Running the rear camera for the Cayman is harder as the rear window is on the hatch so tucking wires neatly requires removing much of the plastic trim on the hatch itself. A 2-channel install on a car like this should be left to experienced installers as fishing the wire through the grommets into the hatch can be tricky.

Cellink Battery Pack/Warranty

For higher end cars like the Cayman we recommend the Cellink dash cam battery. These batteries exclusively provide power to the dash cam in parking mode, completely eliminating the drain on the car's battery. Since these sports cars aren't usually driven quite as often as regular commuter vehicles, reducing the possibility of deep-cycling the car's battery will prolong its life significantly. Not only that but you can expect much more parking recording time out of the Cellink than with just the car's 12V battery. Battery replacement from the dealership can be more than $500 for parts and labour, so the Cellink proves to be a cost-effective solution.

Additionally, some customers have been hassled by service advisors at Porsche Centre Vancouver over warranty for electrical issues that arose with their vehicles. While a dash cam is safe to install, service advisors and even technicians that are unfamiliar with how they are installed may try to use them as an excuse to deny warranty. With a Cellink battery pack, we can simply power the battery through the same wiring as the car's 12 volt accessory/cigarette socket in which case there wouldn't be any difference as to plugging a cellphone charger, portable GPS, etc.

Porsche Cayman Thinkware F770 Install Pictures

Thinkware F770 in Porsche Cayman
Porsche Cayman Thinkware Rear Camera
Porsche cayman interior dash cam install