Porsche Cayman GT4 (981) PCM3.1 Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto Module

Android phone owners who own Porsches have been unlucky with the lack of Android Auto available from factory. To solve this, NM Automotive has released a module that enables wireless CarPlay, Android Auto, a backup/front camera module, and more. This module works with the 981 Cayman/Boxster, 991.1 911 models, 958 Cayenne (2010-2017), and Panamera (2010-2016).

The install was tricky, risky, and time consuming as it does require opening the factory head unit. It took over 10 hours for the full installation. However, the positives of installing this is that it gives the above features, plus USB video in motion, and it reuses the factory PCM3.1 and resistive touchscreen interface. If the vehicle already has the factory backup camera, it will also retain that feature. The module is also compatible with Porsche's manual transmission and does not require tapping of the reverse light output for the backup camera. Overall, for the GT cars that never had the option for factory backup camera before 2017, this module is perfect for those missing features. 

Additionally, the GT4 was in for a Thinkware U1000 1CH hooked up to the accompanying Thinkware iVolt battery pack. The external battery was placed inside the passenger footwell, away from view. After all, why not protect the freshly installed module?

A note on the module install: although double din install is possible, the Bose amp retention is not possible, so some factory functions may be lost. This PCM3.1 module retains ALL factory features, and settings are retained.