Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid on HRE FF11

Our customer brought in their Cayenne S E-Hybrid for a set of new wheels, as they were not happy with the factory set.

For brands like HRE and Vossen, we work with our customers to find out which wheels fit their vehicles to ensure a smooth process. The owner of this Cayenne opted for the HRE FF11, and also to have new TPMS sensors installed.

These flow formed FF11's are in a Liquid Metal finish, with the fronts being 10 wide and the rears 11.5 wide. Fastco Dialyn TPMS were used to retain factory TPMS readings, as this Cayenne had TPMS from factory. To note, no spacers were needed to create a flush fitment. The wheels reused the tires that came with the vehicle.

HRE FF11 Specs:

  • Fronts: 22x10 +45
  • Rears: 22x11.5 +50
  • Liquid Metal finish
  • Bolt Pattern: 5x130 71.6 center bore