Porsche Cayenne (957) HID + Backup Camera + Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX

Older Porsche Cayenne's have become a popular choice for those who go off-roading, but they are quite dated in the tech department. As a result, this customer brought in their first gen Cayenne for tech upgrades. We installed a pair of HID H7 headlights, a Crimestoppers Cam300 multi-mount backup camera, and to top it off, a Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX head unit (comes with wireless CarPlay!).

The dated sub-5000K shade lights were replaced with a pair of HID H7 headlights. Since most European cars (and Chryslers) end up with the lights flickering, canbus resistors were required to rectify the issue.

The multi-mount backup camera had a good spot on the trunk lid, sitting next to the license plate light and the wire was able to run behind the light as well. A solid upgrade for most vehicles that do not come with a backup camera from factory.

And last but not least, the Pioneer DMH-W4660NEX headunit. The 957 interior makes it easy to change out the factory unit, with no functions requiring the use of the factory radio. The W4660NEX is a double slot headunit (ddin), and the one originally in its place was a single din CD radio. The Pioneer unit and the dash kit sit completely flush with the vehicle's interior. With Cayenne models that are non-Bose systems, they do not have the fibre optic amp, so it does not require the $500+ amp retention module. Was it already mentioned that this headunit has wireless Apple CarPlay? For reference, most car manufacturers only come factory with CarPlay that requires the owner to plug in their phones. Having this feature is an absolute plus for iOS users on the road.