Porsche Cayenne (955/957) Falken AT3W

This base model Cayenne wanted some A/T all weather tires to tackle the winter season and potentially take on some light trails. We were quick to recommend Falken's Wildpeak A/T3W (all weather) as they have been renown on trailing forums to be one of the best A/T tires on the market. These tires are also rated as 3PMS, truly making them winter and trail ready. Some of our own staff here at Overdrive also use A/T3W for trailing, and have nothing but good reviews on it. The stock tires that come on the Cayenne were 235/65-17, which already lifts the car about an inch all around. We found that the 17" wheels will fit LT245/70-17 tires without needing a lift, which really elevates the look without needing modifications. Since LT means light truck, the tires do weigh more, so the fuel economy and ride comfort will be worse than normal SUV road tires. Heavy duty 10E Load tires are however beneficial because they are much more resistant to damage and have deeper tread wear than passenger variants.

Falken Wildpeak A/T3W

  • A/T3W 10E Load (Heavy duty)
  • LT245/40-17 square
  • Porsche factory 17" wheels