Porsche Boxster Backup Cam + Dash Cam Combo

One of our best selling systems for older vehicles is this rearview mirror dash cam combo. It's an incredibly cost effective way to add a backup camera to a car that doesn't have one as it has a very nice screen embedded into the elegant rearview mirror. As a dash cam it does not work as well as even our entry level dash cams from Thinkware and Blackvue which offer better video quality, parking mode, and WiFi connectivity. In our eyes, this is a backup camera + monitor primarily with the added bonus of the recording function. It will still help in the event of an accident but finer details will not be picked up and it does not have a true buffered parking mode function.

With cars like this Boxster, we do typically charge a bit more for the rear camera installation as the camera has to go through a rear firewall with this mid engine layout. Other convertibles like the Mazda MX-5 Miata would not be as complicated. All of the trunk lining has to be removed to facilitate this install. We were able to find access holes so we did not need to drill into the metal of this car to run the rear camera wire.

Install Pictures

Porsche boxster overdrive

Porsche boxster backup camera mirror

porsche boxster 986 backup cam

Porsche boxster 986 toguard backup cam