Porsche Boxster (981) NM Auto CDR31 Android/CarPlay + Backup Cam

This customer contacted us to have the NM Automotive module installed on their 981 Boxster after seeing our other posts. Our past couple installs were all Porsches that had PCM3.1, but this Boxster had the non navigation unit CDR31. This non-navi unit does run a lower native resolution vs. PCM3.1, so the Android Auto/Apple CarPlay resolution will also be affected. An additional button is installed as required to switch in and out of CarPlay, and we decided to hide it on the driver's side trim.

NM Auto has factory style backup cams as an extra option, which the customer also opted to have installed in place of one side of the license plate lights. Convertibles do require extra work to run the backup cam wire through the bulkhead to the bumper.

It is highly recommended to have professionals install the module as the retrofit module job requires disassembling of the head unit and fixing ribbons inside the unit. Those who don't have experience in this field should not attempt to DIY this job. Contact us today if you are interested in retrofitting your Porsche with CarPlay or Android Auto