Porsche 996 BBS CH-R and H&R Trak Spacers

We fitted this Porsche 996 Carrera with a set of BBS CH-R wheels in a titanium finish with polished outer lip. These are flow formed wheels which have lighter weight and better strength than regular cast wheels but are much more affordable when compared to BBS's forged options.

We went with a 19x8.5 +51 up front and a 19x11 +56 in the rear. While the front sat almost an inch wider than stock, our customer still wanted to go a bit more aggressive. We ordered in some H&R spacers to push the front wheels out a bit. H&R makes some of the most reputable wheel spacers on the market and has a huge variety of hubcentric sizes for Porsche applications. Furthermore, the spacers and extended bolts are available in black which looks even better on a car like this.


Porsche 996 carrera BBS CH-R

H&R spacers 996 porsche

Porsche 996 carrera