Porsche 991 Targa Thinkware 2CH Dash Cam Install

The 991 generation Porsche 911 Targa has one of the most unique roof designs in the automotive industry. To stow the targa top, the entire rear clamshell glass moves up so it's not possible to mount a rear dash cam on the rear glass itself. Instead we mounted the camera to the hoop behind the front seats which is a fixed panel on the underside. The top portion of this hoop does move however. 

We hardwired the dash cam to the fuse box by the passenger side footwell which allows the camera to run in parking mode. The Thinkware F800 Pro has an excellent parking mode which offers pre-buffered recording. For Thinkware, this means that the dash cam records 10 seconds before the triggering event (either motion detection or impact detection) so you get the entire series of events leading up to a hit and run. For a car with a low front end like this 911, parking mode can come in very handy!

Install Pictures

Porsche 991 targa dash cam

Porsche 991 thinkware f800 pro

Thinkware 2 channel dash cam porsche targa

Thinkware F800 Pro targa porsche