Porsche 991 PCM3.1 Factory Style Backup Camera Install

For whatever reason, many late model Porsche 981 and 991 did not come optioned with factory backup cameras. Luckily, with the aftermarket, products are available to integrate a backup camera to the factory Porsche PCM3.1 infotainment system. This aftermarket system is designed to look and feel like the factory system so no features are lost. As this vehicle was equipped with factory front and rear park distance sensors, you can see that the overlay is still there and is displayed on top of the rear camera image. The camera we used for this install was a flush mounted type drill in camera, however as this kit uses an RCA input, any aftermarket rear camera would work. You could opt for a camera with infrared lights or vertical adjustment if necessary. 

No permanent modification is necessary and the module is plugged in externally of the factory head unit. Some programming is required to make it work however so professional installation is recommended. We have also installed other modules that can add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to the factory PCM 3.1 system, however our customer did not want to go with those solutions as they require disassembly of the PCM unit. 

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Porsche 991 backup camera

Porsche 991 backup camera flush mount

Porsche 991 PCm3.1 factory backup camera

Porsche 991 Carrera 4S backup camera