Porsche 911T (991) Viofo A129 2-Channel Dash Cam

We hardwired the VIOFO A129 2-Channel dash cam on this rare Porsche 911T with the VIOFO 3 wire hardwire kit for parking mode. This camera has a nice compact form factor and very good video quality for a 2-channel system. That being said, the parking mode is not as advanced as our Thinkware dash cams such as the F800 Pro which have partitioned parking incidents and different options for parking recording. The rear camera body is also a little bit larger than the Thinkware and Blackvue cameras so our customer chose to mount it off center for a more discreet look. The fuse box we used was located on the driver's side footwell. There is another fuse box on the passenger's side that can be used.

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Porsche 911T VIOFO

VIOFO A129 2-channel dash cam porsche 991

Porsche 991 rear dash cam viofo a129