Porsche 911 (992) Shark Werks Exhaust

Our customer brought in their 911 C4 GTS for an aftermarket exhaust installation. Finding the stock exhaust a bit tame, they opted for a Shark Werks exhaust setup. With this setup, there were a couple of features that make it a strong contender for the 992 Carrera's. One of the main features is that this exhaust will not cause the dreaded O2 sensor error code that a lot of modern cars throw when the exhaust has been modified. The other claim from Shark Werks is the lack of a drone when cruising at highway speeds.

The install was relatively straightforward, however there was extra labour as the bumper needs re and re to get to the exhaust. Also to note, the valved system also no longer functions. Shark Werks mentioned that during their testing, and from some forums, Porsche's exhaust valve system is not very consistent. As a result, Shark Werks decided not to pursue the issue further.