Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 on Advan GT

An unusual combo among most diehard Porsche owners, but this GT4 came in to replace it's factory wheels to a set of Advan GT's. Combining forged JDM wheels to a German rear engine sports car never looked so good. The wheels are in the Racing Gloss Black (GBP) finish and are wrapped in the factory Cup 2's. With the GT's on, a good 4.2lbs of rotational mass was shaved while gaining a wider offset and wider rear wheels so it can fit wider tires down the road. This route works better than gaining weight through running spacers with longer bolts. We duplicated the stock TPMS with Schrader EZ Sensors.

This GT4 came in with the PCCB's, which requires 20" diameter wheels to have sufficient clearance, as opposed to the standard-optioned iron brakes which can clear 19" wheels. As a result, the front end is a bit tight as the tire does come really close to the front end of the liner. The rear end fares better, and the new wheel sizing allows it to fit 305's now.

Factory GT4 Wheel Specs:

  • Front: 20x8.5 +61 (23.8lbs)
  • Rear: 20x11 +50 (25.5lbs)

Advan GT Wheel Specs:

  • Front: 20x8.5 +50 (22.3lbs, 1.5lbs lighter) (11mm wider front)
  • Rear: 20x11.5 +53 (24.9lbs, 0.6lbs lighter) (3mm wider)
  • Michelin Sport Cup 2 Tires in 245/35-20 and 295/30-20 (front/rear tires, respectively)