Popular Mod Ideas for Porsche 718 GT4 and Spyder

The Porsche 718 GT4 and Spyder one of the most desirable and sought after sports cars on the market. Although this car is almost perfect, here are some popular modifications we recommend for this platform to improve the user experience. 

AWE Foiler

This is one of the most affordable mods for the 718, 981, and 991 platforms but a must-have in our opinion. Any enthusiast wants to enjoy window-down driving from time to time, but the buffeting on these cars makes this a pain. At speeds above 80km/h the buffeting on the GT4 is virtually unbearable. The AWE foiler is an elegant solution that looks OEM but absolutely fixes this issue. For anyone looking to attend track days that require window down driving and point-bys, this is not to be overlooked! Check out the AWE foiler here

Cayman gt4 awe foiler rho plate

Our shop GT4 with AWE Foiler and Rho Plate V2

Rho Plate V2

For over a decade, the Rho Plate has been one of the most popular license plate relocators on the market. It uses the factory tow hook mount to secure the license plate without drilling into the bumper. The GT4 and Spyders don't have to worry about front parking sensor compatibility. These are flashy cars and do tend to grab the attention of law enforcement, so if you live in a jurisdiction that requires front plates, we highly recommend using a Rho Plate V2!

Soul Performance Over Axle Pipes

With the 718 generation GT4, Porsche added in a particulate filter to meet emissions standards. This dulled the roar of the 4.0 engine significantly and has some disadvantages in terms of power and weight. Luckily for North American GT4, GTS, and Spyder models, this is not an ECU monitored component so bypassing the over axle pipes does not result in a check engine light. By deleting the particulate filter, weight is reduced by 11 lbs. 

Soul performance over axle pipe gt4

Akrapovic's version, which is now discontinued in the North American market boasted gains of 15hp and 32 ft-lb of torque at 2600 rpm, and peak gains of 9hp and 7 ft-lb at 7600 rpm. We'd expect similar gains from the Soul Performance pipe although official numbers aren't shared. We recommend the competition over axle pipe for use with the stock muffler as drone is pretty minimal. Those that are going for aftermarket rear sections could consider the resonated version as well. 

Soul over axle pipe gt4

We like this mod as it's fairly low-key, under 2000RPM and normal daily driving, the exhaust does not sound significantly different. The exterior appearance is also unaffected since the muffler and tips are untouched. Only by removing the rear wheels would one notice the Soul logo on the over axle pipe. Soul includes new hardware with their pipe as well, as the thicker flanges and bolting style are different from factory. Factory nuts and studs typically cannot be reused if the car has over 10000kms on it any way as they tend to rust.

Soul Performance Valve Controller (And Sound Symposer Delete)

All GT4 come with the Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) and have a button on the center console to open and close the valves. However, the car's computer will open and close valves based on operating conditions. An aftermarket valve controller allows the user to fully open or fully close the exhaust at their will, over-riding factory parameters. This allows a driver to run in stealth mode or let the exhaust fully roar as they please. The Soul Performance valve controller can also be paired to the factory homelink for added convenience

valve controller 718

Valve controller install on a Cayman or Boxster is much harder than a 991 or 992 due to having to open the engine cover. This extra step is rather tedious because the engine is in the middle and a lot of interior trim has to be removed for access. Another part that can be considered while the engine cover is out is a Soul Performance sound symposer delete. You can see the sound symposer off to the passenger side of the engine bay in the picture above. Deleting this part does reduce in cabin drone.

Spiegler 6-Piece Stainless Brake Line Kit

Stainless steel brake lines are a popular upgrade for any performance car, especially for track use as they keep consistent and confident brake feel. The Spiegler kit distinguishes itself from others on the market by bypassing a factory hard line that's right behind the front wheel hub. While hard lines will have great brake feel, changing front pads on these cars becomes a hassle. With the Spiegler brake line kit, changing front pads is much easier.

Spiegler 6 line brake kit

Other ideas...

  • Window Tint: with the 718's ride height being so low, headlights from SUVs or trucks tend to shine directly in the rearview mirror. Not only will a rear window tint add a bit of privacy, it does help with some daily driving comfort
  • Seat bolster protectors: for vehicles with the lightweight bucket seats, a bolster protector is a great way of preserving the carbon and leather bolsters
  • Wing risers: An aftermarket wing riser gives the factory spoiler a more aggressive look, more in-line with the RS vehicles.  
  • Clear LED reflectors: the front bumper reflectors can be replaced with clear LED units for a cleaner look than the North American amber ones