Pioneer AVH-2440NEX in Honda Odyssey with Bypass Module

The Pioneer AVH-2440NEX is a mid-range Android Auto and Apple CarPlay receiver. It has a 7" display which is the largest that can be fit in a standard double din size slot. This is perfect for DVD playback and viewing of the backup camera. We highly recommend installing a backup camera in a minivan as the parking lots and playgrounds these vehicles frequent are more likely to have small children hanging around the vehicle, and the camera eliminates a significant blind spot when backing up.  

Parking Brake Bypass

For this Honda Odyssey, we included the PAC TR1 module which allows video in motion. Not only that, but for Android Auto and CarPlay receivers, doing an ebrake bypass will let you input addresses using the touchscreen keyboard on the deck itself. For Alpine and Pioneer head units, if you do not do the bypass or do not have the parking brake engaged, you will not be able to access all the settings such as the bluetooth or sound settings.

Another reason to consider doing the TR1 bypass would be the ease of installation. Without the bypass, you'll need to either add a custom ground switch or run the wire to the actual parking brake which may involve taking apart the center console and other interior trim. For the small cost and added functionality of the TR1, we think it's well worth it.

Install Pictures

Honda odyssey overdrive car audio

Pioneer AVH double din honda odyssey

Honda odyssey dvd video in motion pioneer

Honda odyssey backup camera double din

honda odyssey backup camera