PCCM Plus Porsche Factory Head Unit Upgrade

NOTE: Please do not contact us regarding how to activate the rear camera on the 997 or any other PCCM+ system. We do not sell any parts or have any guides on how to activate the rear camera available.

For all classic Porsche owners, do you feel like your Porsche is lacking modern features such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto?

Porsche has a solution for owners that still often drive their classic Porsches but want modern infotainment features such as Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Porsche Classic Communications Management (Plus) systems, or PCCM Plus, is their lineup for replacing outdated infotainment in certain Porsche vehicles. The dash kit was manufactured to have the factory appearance and fitment. Sporting a similar theme to the PCM4.0 infotainment system, PCCM Plus also allows for certain control over factory systems, such as lighting, door locks, and will display the clock and temperatures like the new factory units. There is an optional add on for navigation as well.

Our customer brought in their 997 Carrera to have this upgrade installed, and it really does modernize the vehicle's interior without looking outlandish. Unofficially, the headunit does support an addition of a backup camera, but we managed to install one with some modification of the wiring harness and adding an extra adapter.

PCCM Plus is currently available for 987 Boxsters and Caymans, and 997 911. Similar systems are available for 986/996, and 955/957 Cayenne.

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