OD-X Truck Backup Camera System on Chevrolet Colorado (Measurements Canada)

We installed a backup camera system on this Chevrolet Colorado for Measurements Canada. The camera is wired to be on when the car is running to work as a rearview mirror since the rear window is completely blocked by the box in the bed. When backing out of a space on a truck like this, a rear view camera is crucial for not damaging the truck or worse yet hitting another person or car behind the truck which can cost thousands. For any city-driven commercial truck, we believe a rear view system is an absolute must.

We used the OD-X Truck Backup Camera System with 7" Monitor for this application. Contact us today if you are interested in fitting your truck with a rear view camera!

Measurements canada chevrolet backup cam

Chevrolet colorado 7" backup camera screen

Measurements canada od-x backup camera

Chevrolet colorado backup camera